Drink like a gentleman

Introducing The Distilled Man Cocktail Guide
Learn to craft amazing cocktails...and dazzle your friends with your mixology chops.

You can tell a lot about a man from his drink 

When you’re entertaining at home, do you want be the guy who just offers people a rum and cola or vodka and tonic? Or...would you rather be the man who can confidently whip up a proper cocktail and WOW his guests?

And what about at a bar or a nice restaurant? Wouldn’t you prefer to impress your friends or coworkers by being the man who knows a thing or two about classic drinks...and who can actually have fun “speaking cocktail” with the bartender?

A man's choice of cocktail speaks volumes about who he is. Just like how the way a man dresses and carries himself gives you a window into his self-worth. Is learning about cocktails essential for your survival? Of course not. But I contend that life is richer and more fun when you know how to drink like a gentleman.

Once you begin learning about mixology, it can open new doors for you socially and even professionally. Much like the way foodies bond over delicious meals, enjoying cocktails becomes a social bridge with people around you. And even better...knowing how to CRAFT classic drinks gives you an air of sophistication and manly confidence that sets you apart.

Does this sound like you?

You always get the same drink at bars, and rarely branch out...

When you order a cocktail, you feel like you’re completely at the whim of whatever the bartender decides to serve you...

You like the idea of hosting at your place, but you wish you could offer guests a more  “grown up” drink selection...

You’ve gotten more refined in other areas of your life, but you still drink like you’re in college...


The Distilled Man Cocktail Guide gives you a simple introduction to classic drink recipes and techniques, so you can feel confident making—and enjoying—great cocktails on your own terms. 

This is not your typical cocktail book. It is a crash course in classic cocktails. 

More than recipes, this guide is meant to teach you the fundamental concepts about cocktails that will give you continued enjoyment of the craft. 

Rather than a compendium of hundreds of recipes, this is a tightly curated selection of only the essential recipes and techniques every man should know. This isn’t a reference book to keep on your proverbial shelf. It's meant to be a hands-on manual for learning. 

  • Master essential concepts and techniques that help you effortlessly craft amazing cocktails.

  • Cost-effectively set up a home bar so you can entertain friends without paying for expensive drinks in bars.

  • Discover core ratios that allow you to make great drinks on the fly without recipes.

  • Learn the 25 "pillar" cocktail recipes that every gentleman should know.

  • Hone your instincts for improvising your own cocktail creations on the fly, not matter what ingredients you have.

  • Uncover the non-obvious secrets to hosting a perfect cocktail party at home (hint: it's more than just about the cocktails).

"This was a great resource. I would highly recommend  it to anyone who has never been taught the art of mixology and is interested in learning. Not only is it a great reference to use, it was cool to learn the kind of meaning and emotion that goes into making a great cocktail."
–Nate A.

What You get...

Depending on which package you purchase (more on that in a moment), you’ll receive the following:

The Distilled Man Cocktail Guide

All packages include the new 120 page Cocktail Guide itself, a crash course on understanding and enjoying classic cocktails.  The guide teaches you the fundamental concepts you need to craft and enjoy cocktails, how to build a home bar, helpful ratios, the top 25 classic cocktail recipes every man should know, along with tips, and techniques for drink-making and for how to throw a perfect cocktail party. (Comes in PDF format.)

The Cocktail Guide Audiobook

Enjoy the Cocktail Guide in audio form, read by the author. Listen as you whip up your own cocktails at home, while driving to work, or at the gym. If you're the kind of person who learns best while listening to information, then the audiobook is a treat made for you. (MP3 format).

Video Tutorials

There's no better way to learn about drinks than to just start making them. These hands-on video tutorials will show you the exact steps, recipes and techniques for making 16 classic cocktails. (Streaming video).

BONUS: Expert Interviews

In these three exclusive video interviews, you'll hear insider tips from three professional mixologists including Bryan Van Flandern, named "top mixologist" by Food Network.  (Streaming video).

BONUS: Stocking Your Home Bar Checklist

The Stocking Your Home Bar Checklist will walk you through everything you need to set up your home bar—from liquor, to mixers to garnishes, and even glassware.  This way you can enjoy amazing drinks at home without paying for expensive drinks in bars. (PDF download).

BONUS: Cocktail Party Planning Checklist

The Cocktail Party Planning Checklist guides you through all the logistics to throw a flawless cocktail party at home—from planning the size of your get-together, to sending invites, to determining what your drink strategy will be, where to put cocktail and food stations, and more. (PDF download).


The Distilled Man Cocktail Guide comes in three sizes—perfect for any man's preferences! All options are extremely tasty and exquisitely well-balanced. 


This package is perfect for the man who wants the basic information as quickly as possible without spending a lot of money.

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This package is ideal for the man who likes to read, but also enjoys the convenience of being able to listen and learn while he's busy commuting or working out. 

Buy Now for $19


This package is ideal for the man who wants to dive in with both feet and immerse himself in the cocktail craft. Enjoy the pdf guide, the audiobook or the helpful video tutorials.

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A Special Note from Kyle, Founder of THE DISTILLED MAN

Hey there! I’m Kyle Ingham, founder of The Distilled Man. Like you, I’m just a regular guy who wants to be the best possible version of himself. That's why I want to share my love of cocktails with you. 

If you follow my channel, The Distilled Man, you know that I cover a wide variety of topics in the "gentlemanly arts": from grooming, to social confidence, to building better habits...

...But cocktails have always held a special place in my heart.

I believe that learning about cocktails is not only fun, but it can actually make you a better person. 

Ever since my grandfather taught me how to make an Old Fashioned—and repeated the lesson over and over—I've felt that cocktails are more than just the sum of their ingredients.

Cocktails are about connection.

In my own life, I've seen the way that making classic cocktails—or just enjoying them—can become a common bond with people in your personal and professional life. 

As funny as it sounds, I've also seen how a man can transform into a more refined version of himself when he holds the right drink in his hand...much like how wearing the perfect suit can change the way he carries himself.

I also have a unique approach to cocktails. The same way a great chef can whip up an amazing dish without a recipe, I believe the best cocktails happen when you understand the fundamental concepts about how to make great drinks—not just the "what," but the "why."

This Cocktail Guide includes the same tips and tricks I love to nerd-out about when I'm making drinks for my family during the holidays or when my wife and I are hosting cocktail parties at our house.

I've worked really hard to package my passion and knowledge for drinks into this Guide, and I truly hope it inspires you to enjoy the cocktail journey as much as I do!

my personal Guarantee

As with anything you buy, you never know if you're going to like it until you bring it home and give it a test drive. So we thought we’d ease your mind by making this offer totally risk-free.

Give The Distilled Man Cocktail Guide a good, honest try. If it’s not working for you, tell us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money—no questions asked.

Note: This guarantee works on the honor system. Please don’t abuse it. That’s like sneezing into your cocktail at a bar and then asking for a refund. That’s just gross, on both accounts.

Time to Order

It's up to you. You can keep being the same guy you are now, or you can be the confident, slightly mysterious man who "just happens to know a thing or two" about making great cocktails. 

Choose the option that’s best for you. When you consider how much you probably spend in a month buying fancy cocktails in bars vs. what you'll save when you can make them yourself, these packages basically pay for themselves.



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